Services for retailers

Take active advantage of product tests on the internet

The internet enables your customers to find information about products, innovations and trends whenever they want. Quickly, simply and efficiently. Thanks to Smartphones and the mobile internet, up-to-the minute product tests and reviews have never been more accessible. Product reviews are no longer bought at the newsagents and consumers increasingly make decisions based on what they can read online. “Digital product tests” are consequently changing consumer behaviour – a trend you should not ignore today if you want to ensure your ongoing success in the future.

Optimize your affiliate programme and maximize your visibility

Your customers may often be just a few clicks away from visiting your online shop or coming into your store. Which is why visibility is more important than ever. Make it as easy as possible for your target group to find you. We give you tips and advice on how to accomplish this.

Capitalize on your strengths as a store-based retailer

As a store-based retailer, don’t leave the field to multi-channel suppliers and purely online shops. We advise you and help you to become a major online player, too. Service, expert advice and a close relationship with the customer are just some of the strengths you can offer as a specialist retailer. We give you the chance to capitalize on these strengths by making them available and visible on the web.

You are planning a communication activity and looking for professional blogs, websites and social media? Contact us at any time for a non-binding offer.
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