Services for Bloggers

By bloggers for bloggers

“By bloggers for bloggers” is our motto. Since three of our four-strong OBN team are bloggers themselves, we know the problems you encounter when working with manufacturers, PR agencies and other representatives of the advertising industry. Planned actions are therefore coordinated with you in detail and not served up on a “like it or lump it” basis. In this way the blogosphere can continue to develop and the network grow, with you as part of it.

Test exciting products and give your honest opinion

Bloggers are passionate about the subject of their blog. High-quality content and an informed opinion are the result of great work. For us, that means that we create access to exciting test products without placing restrictions on your freedom of opinion. You don’t like the article you’ve tested? Then publish that, too. Both your readers and the manufacturer benefit from the well-founded conclusions you draw after thoroughly testing a product.

Naturally you can still feature links to your affiliate partners

Your hard work and effort should not go unrewarded. We strive to see that you are paid for your content and can keep the product at the end of the test (on the basis that the exception proves the rule!).

We have a strong network and meet regularly

Bloggers are not solitary voices in the wilderness and we read and comment on a lot of what our partners write. For this reason we want get to know the people behind each blog personally, welcome new members to our network and see familiar faces again, whether outdoors on blogger tours or indoors at blogger meetings.

We value exchanges between bloggers

How do you do that? What tools are you using? How do you respond to requests for collaboration? Bloggers often have similar problems and concerns, but each has a different way of resolving them. Reason enough to encourage exchanges between all the bloggers in our network, to avoid each of you having to reinvent the wheel.

We organize blogger workshops

For bloggers, especially at the beginning, there are always lots of questions. Which blog platform? What to write about, and how? We help you optimize your blog, both in terms of search engine (SEO) and social media (SMO). Of what use is the finest blog if no one reads it? We can provide you with key assistance in your efforts to win new readers.

You are a blogger or run your own website and would like become part of OBN?
For blogger related requests please contact:

Carsten Jost (
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